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What should you remember when designing an exhibition stand? Make sure it is original compared to the competition

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Effective advertising brings companies a number of benefits, from gradually increasing revenues to increased recognition and building a positive image in the eyes of consumers. How to determine if a specific promotion idea will actually bring the intended results? Marketing specialists who have an extensive set of data on the behavior and preferences of people from the target group are able to prepare an optimal campaign. Their guidelines should also be taken into account when preparing exhibition stands for various occasions.

When ordering exhibition stands, show what distinguishes your brand

The representatives of Event Logistica, which can boast of a rich portfolio of exhibition stands, recommend paying attention to small details, which often determine the overall reception of the advertising message. Any inconsistencies between the elements of visual identification and other promotional materials should be avoided at all costs: product presentation, the announcer’s speech, spots displayed on smaller or larger screens, and even the outfit and behavior of the company’s fair stand operators. Any discrepancies will cause confusion in the viewers, greatly weakening the meaning of marketing activities. There is far too much to gain to risk similar branding blunders.

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