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April 2020

There are many forms of advertising on the market today. Among them we can distinguish the most popular: outdoor and internet, small and large-format, mobile or light. There is a ...
Building a strong image and a strong brand among its customers is a very big challenge for today's enterprises. It is often a job in which it takes companies a ...
An indispensable element of large events and events are exhibition systems. They should visually look attractive and of high quality. They must be provided with advertising materials, and customers interested ...
Nowadays, each company in a given sector of the economy puts great emphasis on the same assets within its advertising campaigns. Only one winner can leave this race. It usually ...
In today's world, if you want to be visible on the market, you have to head a lot. In every sector of the economy competition increases every day and year. ...
In almost every sector, there is no shortage of opportunities throughout the year to meet directly with your potential clients, contractors or media representatives focusing on specific areas. An effectively ...

Projektowanie stoisk targowych

Virtual fairs

Virtual fair – course, preparation

When in-house exhibition events were canceled or significantly reduced, it became necessary to find an alternative – online trade fairs. Virtual events are gaining in popularity

Online trade fair platform

Online trade fair platform – basic elements

Virtual trade fairs are gaining more and more popularity, but participation in them requires prior preparation. An online exhibition stand is indispensable for every exhibitor , through which they

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Design and implementation

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