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Possibilities offered by exhibition systems

professional exhibition systems

There are many forms of advertising on the market today. Among them we can distinguish the most popular: outdoor and internet, small and large-format, mobile or light. There is a lot of this on the market. A notable form of the command are exhibition systems. This is an excellent source of information. Materials of this type are undoubtedly very widely used. They are commonly used in large galleries, shopping centers, gastronomic or service premises, as well as during large trade fairs, exhibitions, promotional events or large conferences.

How can exhibition systems attract attention?

Manufacturers can offer us many types of exhibition systems. Rollups are certainly among the best-known ones. These are rolling cassettes that are made of aluminum. The graphics ordered by the client are placed on them. This is excellent support strengthening the visual message of the marketing campaign. Rollup can thus become a frequently used advertising medium displayed during the promotion or permanently located in front of the entrance to the premises. Its great advantage is undoubtedly its light weight, thanks to which it can be easily transported.

Where can display walls be used?

The exhibition system is not only a rollup but also walls and exhibition stands or tasting stands. Exhibition walls differ from rollups in their size, the method used, but also the materials used during the performance. They can be both rounded, concave as well as highlighted. They are additionally equipped with shelves and lights. They are perfect for all kinds of advertising campaigns and promotional stands. They provide a very interesting background for presentations. They contain mainly the most important information about the company and its activities. However, the exhibition stand resembles a box. As the name suggests, they find their application at trade fairs, where they constitute the brand information point. We also often meet them in shopping malls, e.g. as a direct sales stand. Aluminum profiles allow joining panels, usually made of PVC, in various configurations. Thus creating very interesting spatial shapes. They can appear in the form of market islands, linear stands or as elements suspended above the stand. Other commonly used forms of exhibition systems are advertising flags, leaflet shelves and stands.
Exhibition systems are still a very widely used form of advertising. Their biggest advantage is undoubtedly their universality and the fact that they can be adapted to their own needs. Their small weight allows for easy transport, trouble-free transport. So you can use them both in everyday work and in the case of large one-off organized events, such as: fairs, conferences or other events.

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