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How to design a stand for trade fairs?

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Exhibition fairs are today one of the most effective promotion methods for companies. At exhibitions you can meet both private individuals interested in products and services offered by the company, as well as people from a given industry. These are usually people with whom you can establish long-term business cooperation

What should you know when designing an exhibition stand?

It is important to remember that you have to be well presented at trade fairs. For this, a good company offer alone is not enough. At the very beginning, we should pay special attention to the design of the exhibition stand . The project should be attractive, attract the attention of trade fair visitors, as well as fit well with the company and the given industry.

At the very beginning, the exhibition stand designer should talk in detail with the company's representatives to gather all the details. When creating a stand design, you should know where the trade fair will be held, how big it can be. Know the detailed guidelines of event organizers.

There are a few questions to answer when designing:

  • What should be on the stand
  • How many advertising elements will it have, such as walls, tasting stands, banners
  • how many people will handle the exhibition stand

Then you go to choosing the right shape, shape of the stand, the right lighting and make a comprehensive review of the project.

Which exhibition booth to choose

From the rich offer you can choose row stands. As the name suggests they are arranged in a row. Trade stand , which resemble an island, are also very popular . They are located in the hall so that it is possible to display products from all sides. They are often used in shopping malls. Front stands are another option. These are usually open exhibitions, with one wall closed. They enable companies to open to visitors. Exhibition stands can also have walls or place for banners located at the appropriate height. When choosing a system, you must precisely define the goals and budget you want to allocate to the given exhibition stand.

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