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Virtual showrooms

Virtual showroom – what is it?

We love shopping online, but we also like to carefully look at the product, touch it, see its size and color. It turns out that more and more traditional stores are places where you can see products, but not necessarily buy them. Customers prefer to order online. Due to the growing scale of this phenomenon and for the convenience of customers, virtual showrooms are being created.

The showroom is a virtual space in the form of a virtual 3D showroom, through which it is possible to “move around” like in a stationary store. The virtual showroom can be divided into zones containing, for example, information materials such as films, live broadcasts, product descriptions and statements of specialists, and enabling the purchase of a product or contact with an advisor.

What are the advantages of showrooms? What are they for? Who can use them?

The online showroom has a number of advantages that traditional stores lack. First of all, customers can get acquainted with the goods via the Internet, without leaving home, without getting up from their armchair. They are available around the clock, from anywhere in the world. You can choose the most convenient method of payment and delivery from among several. Importantly for many people, online stores usually have a larger assortment than brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, the virtual showroom also allows you to get information about the product, read the opinions of other customers and leave your own. It is possible to get acquainted with the history of the brand and its ideas.

A virtual showroom for a website can be successfully used by exhibitors as a complement to virtual or hybrid fairs. An online walk around the showroom is an interesting way to get to know a product. Clicking on new areas and discovering various content is like an online game. The design of the virtual showroom allows you to see the product from all sides, zoom in and out of the image, so you can see how it looks from a distance or see its details.

Professional showroom designs are aesthetic and convenient for viewers. After clicking on a specific product, you can not only see it approximately, but also read information about it, watch the attached video and go to the online store website.

Showrooms will certainly be useful for companies producing goods that, for various reasons, cannot be presented to customers directly. Virtual exhibition space is also advantageous for large and numerous products that are difficult to transport, e.g. to a market hall.

Virtual showrooms