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Virtual walks – what are the possibilities?

virtual walking tours - online exhibitions

The dynamically developing technology and the transfer of stores to the Internet result in the development of new solutions in the area of promotion and sales. Virtual showrooms are gaining in popularity, and they are more and more often used to complement online stores or as online showrooms . Thanks to them, you can go for a virtual walk around the store or exhibition stand. The customer “visiting” the virtual showroom can carefully see the items of interest to him from all sides, up close or at a distance. He can also easily and quickly read the product description or watch a video containing information of interest to him.

How to use an online showroom?

A virtual showroom can be a mirror of a stationary store and contain the same products. The possibility of taking a virtual walk makes browsing the goods and shopping more attractive. This is a more interesting option than browsing through items in a “regular” online store. In addition, the virtual exhibition space is designed to make shopping easier for the customer. Information about the product is provided as on a tray – e.g. in a window that is displayed when you hover the cursor over a specific item. Also, navigating to other sections is quick, intuitive, and visually pleasing.

However, a virtual showroom for a website  is not the only solution, you can also consider whether the virtual showroom at the fair will interest the event participants and how much benefit it will be. In a situation where a trade fair event is canceled or limited in terms of the number of visitors, virtual trade fair stands are an ideal solution for companies that do not want to miss an opportunity to promote their offers . A virtual walk around the exhibition hall and visiting the stands is not only a convenient way to participate in the fair, but also an interesting experience using the latest technologies.

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