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Exhibition walls

Modern exhibition walls are an important point on the map of fairs, congresses, conferences and other events, during which the promotion of the company is the most important. If you want to advertise at a high level, you need to invest in a variety of resources that will effectively distinguish your company from the competition. These can involve exhibition stands, shopping islands or… fair walls. Everything is possible with the help of Event Logistica! We have fair walls, thanks to which we can build soundproofed conference rooms in every, even the largest, fair hall. We manufacture exhibition walls based on unique projects that we develop together with our Clients. This means that each project born in our studio is individual and allows us to use knowledge acquired in Poland and abroad in a different way. We operate throughout Europe, offering innovative exhibition walls to entrepreneurs from various industries, expecting unusual solutions and promotional tools. We encourage you to check what a manufacturer with many years of experience gained at the world’s largest fairs can offer you. Welcome!

Exhibition wall as a tool to promote your company

The visually attractive exhibition wall is an elegant advertisement, displaying the company’s logo and attracting with aesthetic graphics. At Event Logistica, we develop and implement projects with the utmost attention to detail. As a result, we receive extraordinary exhibition walls, ready to proudly represent the activities of our Clients at fairs, conferences and other events visited by many people. We design and build systems that guarantee promotion that hit the mark. As a producer operating in Poland and in Europe, we are familiar with the latest trends. Therefore, we easily create impressive developments, as well as other tools dedicated to modern entrepreneurs managing small and large companies. Our Clients living in different parts of the world appreciate the individual approach provided by us. We try to work to generate not only satisfactory results, but also much larger than those initially assumed. Therefore, each exhibition wall is the result of hard work of the whole team, not one person. We offer a comprehensive service from design to transport and assembly, as well as qualified service and monitoring of the status of assembled systems. We hope that the offer prepared by the team of Event Logistica will be appreciated by you, and the low price and the highest quality guarantee will make the fair wall of our production an integral part of your company

An exhibition wall is an element that allows you to radically change any space

Image is extremely important for all entities operating in public space, from companies, through various institutions, to non-governmental organizations. Its construction can be tedious, but it is worth taking care of. This means, among others creating favorable scenery for all types of performances, in which exhibition walls are a very useful accessory. Often we have no influence on the form of the space in which we have to act. Trade fair walls are a simple element with which we can solve this problem. The impressive exhibition wall with an effective graphic motif prepared in a way subordinated to the goals of a specific project or the character of the entity using it allows you to make a positive impression on viewers and guests in every place. Event Logistica meets all the needs in this area and creates exhibition walls strictly subordinated to the needs of a specific recipient.

The feelings we leave with the recipient of our message consist of various elements. Certainly none will remember all our words – for what will appear in his eyes will play a huge role. That is why a good display wall is so important and useful. This inconspicuous tool dramatically increases the effectiveness of each message. Attractive price for the highest-class exhibition walls, the price at which you can buy such a carrier from us makes it all the more worth equipping with it!

There are few versatile promotional accessories, such as a good market wall

Exhibition walls will be useful to almost every entity, regardless of the intensity of its activities. The more that as the manufacturer of the offered exhibition walls, we have great freedom in creating their final form. The display wall most often appears as an element of a trade fair stand, where it creates a visually beneficial background and defines the space occupied by a given entity. It can also be used independently, as a background for all types of presentations or presentations. The exhibition wall is also great as an element of interior design of the company’s headquarters, especially if its permanent transformation is unprofitable or impossible for other reasons. A professional setting of this kind helps create a positive image, thus it helps build trust. Feel free to contact – we will implement the most original ideas, or propose our own.