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Modern exhibition stands

Consistent visual identification underlies the success of any brand. Event Logistica will make your stand perfectly match not only the nature of the services offered, but also the aesthetic taste of the recipients. We discover the individual values of each company by creating modern promotional and marketing tools, including exhibition walls, exhibition stands and first-class quality display systems. As an experienced manufacturer of exhibition stands and advertising materials, we guarantee you unique ideas and their reliable implementation, thanks to which our exhibitions are perfect.

Event Logistica makes the construction of exhibition systems a high-level art. For our experts, designing exhibition stands is not just a job, but above all a passion for discovering innovative, perfect visual tools. We specialize in unusual projects, including exhibition walls, trade fair stands and various exhibition systems. The promotional stands built by our team are always provided with a modern visual and lighting luminaire, without which a modern exhibition stand will not be used.

If you are looking for a manufacturer with many years of experience, we will be happy to create a unique business card for you. It can be an exhibition stand, a single wall, or even an extensive promotional system for your brand. The exhibition stands we create are perfectly adapted to the nature of the event and the mission of the company they promote. Thanks to this, each of our exhibition stands fulfills its task at the highest level.


Our projects are unconventional, we approach all orders individually, taking into account the needs of our clients


As an experienced manufacturer of exhibition stands, we make sure that our designs draw the eye and attention of potential customers from all over Poland and Europe


We want the exhibition systems of our production to use the new generation technology in a useful way

Each promotional stand created at Event Logistica is characterized by:

Exhibition stands


Exhibition systems from Event Logistica are to support your marketing campaigns and provide many opportunities for their use

High quality

Each exhibition stand created in Event Logistica is created from selected, proven components

Innovative solutions

We are open to new ideas going beyond the schemes. We design and manufacture exhibition stands and other exhibition stands that are effective promotion tools.

Contractor of exhibition stands


A properly used presence at trade fairs, where you can focus the attention of industry media and establish direct contacts with many key clients and contractors, can often bring better results than many marketing activities carried out throughout the year. Presenting yourself at this type of event is, however, an undertaking that does not start on the day of departure and does not end with the return. Thorough preparation is necessary, in which effective and practical exhibition stands play a key role. It depends on them whether we will be noticed among numerous competitors. There are several tasks that good exhibition stands must fulfill. The most obvious is to attract the attention of trade fair visitors – that’s why it’s worth using original and impressive constructions. However, this is still not enough. We will achieve our goals when we manage to inspire their trust. This will become possible when our exhibition stand will be a perfect setting, leaving no doubt as to the professionalism of the entity promoting it. Finally, exhibition stands should be convenient and functional work tools for persons dealing with exhibition service.

Event Logistica is a proven manufacturer that has been preparing excellent exhibition stands for years. So we know the needs of our clients perfectly and we know how to meet them. At the same time, however, we are open to us with all new ideas – we realize that marketing is a constant race in which any new concept can be the key to success. The time spent at the fair will therefore be the most fruitful if the exhibition stands combining the best available technical solutions with a creative approach to give them the final form allow.

If your company needs a practical and effective exhibition stand that can be used during various promotional projects, we invite you to contact us and present your needs – we will propose solutions that will give you an important advantage in the fight for the interest of potential customers. Many entrepreneurs from various industries have already found out about the quality of our work. We do not cease our efforts not to disappoint the expectations of all subsequent ones and all the exhibition stands we provide would make every trip to the fair or other such activities as successful as possible.