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Event Logistica

Exhibition systems

Exhibition systems is a kind of business cards and a method to present and be printed in people’s memory. They are an integral part of fairs as well as various types of events, congresses and conferences. If they are professionally designed and developed by a team of professionals, a lot of people will be interested in them and they will attractcrowds of potential clients. Our company, Event Logistica, creates the exhibition systems using the latest technologies. We are an independent producer, and thus, we can offer attractive prices while maintaining the highest quality of our products. We use innovative methods andwe have professional machines.Our imagination has no limits. Each exhibition system produced by us is an unconventional project, which is distinguished by beautiful aesthetics, functional layout and rich colours, typical of the brand being promoted. We encourage to cooperate that will result in an original project that meets your expectations.

Complex exhibition systems are created in our studio

We produce promotional and marketing tools the main task of which is to effectively promote your company. Being an experienced producer, we use the best construction blocks and use innovative techniques. All this so that each exhibition created by us is oriented to generate profit. We focus on solid constructions based on projects created by professionals. There are no limits for the team of Event Logistica, both in terms of innovative implementations and client service from a distance. We operate all over Europe, visiting the world fairs with the largest exhibition spaces. The exhibition systems produced by usappear in Monaco, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, London, Frankfurt and many other places where the advertising market is growing at an extremely rapid pace. in addition, we are in Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw and Kielce – to put it briefly, wherever you expect us. Our offer is complex, which means that it includes both preparation of an individual project , its implementation, as well as professional technical support during the event. Event Logistica is the producer that puts the needs of the client as top objective. Therefore, we are able to offer low price and extensive list of services meeting the expectations of demanding entrepreneurs. If you have anidea for the exhibition system , we will be pleased to create it. We also encourage to contact those of you who dream about high-level advertising and want to rely on the skills of professionals.

Effective exhibition systems allow you to create a unique setting for each offer

Of all our senses, however necessary we are, sight plays a special role. It is he who provides us with the largest amount of information about the world around us. That is why marketing activities involving various forms of visual advertising are so important. The exhibition system prepared by specialists means that the exhibition equipped with it will be able to attract a much larger number of viewers. However, it is necessary to take care of every detail. Not everyone is aware of the effectiveness of a properly designed graphic design. After all, many of the visual stimuli we receive are not analyzed at all, and yet they play an important role. As a producer of high-class exhibition systems, the manufacturer equally effectively cares for all other aspects accompanying the preparation of this type of fixtures. Thanks to the use of appropriate technical solutions and appropriate materials, our exhibition systems are fully reliable and durable constructions, which allows using their possibilities to the greatest extent at subsequent events. Attractive prices for such excellent exhibition systems mean that even a small enterprise can equip them. Maybe this will be the beginning of its dynamic development? Feel free to contact us!

The exhibition system must stand out from the rest. It is possible with us.

Not every visit to our stand during a trade fair or other similar event will result in direct interest in starting cooperation or the decision to purchase the offered products or services. Appropriate exhibition systems will, however, allow us to leave a mark in our guest’s memory that the chance that he will reconsider our proposals will increase dramatically. It mainly means that they should be original. We are able to meet this condition due to the willingness to meet all customer expectations. In addition, the attractive price for a unique and effective exhibition system means that such an investment does not have to be very expensive. This is because, as the manufacturer producing its own exhibition systems, having a rich machine park, we have very large possibilities of giving them specific forms. Therefore, we invite you to use our offer – it is for you a chance to reach for effective promotion tools prepared for a specific user.