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Fair stands

The exhibition stands have become an integral part of the exhibition marketing of the 21st century. This is one of the most modern forms of advertising for the company, ensuring increased salesand brand promotion, resulting in the acquisition of many Clients. At Event Logistica, we gather specialists keen on designing and implementing the advertising systems. We are committed to create innovative exhibition standsthat meet the needs of small and large entrepreneurs, market leaders and other exhibitors caring about the development of their business. We know the potential of a thoughtfully planned exhibition stand and we daily prove that good promotion is the first step to create a strong and recognizable brand. Being a producer, we not only advise and suggest, but above all, we understand your needs as well as expectations of your clients. In addition, we offer unbeatable prices, providing superb and unique advertising stands and developments guaranteeing success.

We create professional exhibition stands for clients from Poland and Europe

We have gained experience in the industry for many years, devoting all our attention to development. We have managed to explore the art of creating spectacular projects to the extent that we can offer you professional developments of fair stands, providing you the opportunity to stand out on the market. The acquired knowledge does not allow us to stand still, therefore we constantly look for new inspirations. We operate at Polish and foreign fairs, and our trade stands can be viewed, inter alia, in Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin, Poznan and Kielce. Furthermore, Clients from Europe are not omitted because we regularly appear at fairs in Munich, Barcelona, London, Hanover, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Monaco, Berlin and Paris. There you can not only see the innovative exhibition stand of our production live, but also talk to an expert who can advise on any matter. If you would like your promotional stand to be created at Event Logistica, please contact us. As a producer who visits the Polish and world fairs, we know exactly what an attractive advertising stand should look like to gain profit to a company. The price is individual due to the fact that every order is adjusted to the Client’s needs. However, we always try to match your possibilities and find a satisfactory solution. We are ready to prepare a modern promotional stand, considering any suggestions of the Client, and then deliver it to any place throughout Europe. Welcome!

We will make sure that your promotional stand does not escape anyone’s attention

You do not have to be extremely observant to notice that often subsequent editions of the same events abound in exhibition stands with an increasingly surprising appearance. The fair is a great opportunity to show off new products or other achievements. However, it must be accompanied by a unique setting, so that every passer-by has no doubts that it accompanies something important. The exhibition stand should therefore be prepared with due care. Even the best ideas must sometimes be sold. A stand at the fair visited by crowds of people, including industry experts, is one of the most reliable ways of doing this. Provided that they are prepared by experienced specialists for whom the exhibition stands have no secrets.

A successful effect, which is an effective advertising stand that allows you to achieve the assumed marketing and commercial goals, requires taking care of all the details and using the best technical solutions. Any imperfections of the exhibition that show up during the fair may spoil even an organized event. By choosing our advertising stands, you can be sure that nothing similar will happen. The experience of our team allows us to create exhibition stands free from any weaknesses, which are an effective weapon in the fight for the attention of numerous visitors, while ensuring that the price is favorable each time.

The stand with which you will go to the fair must be unique

It is extremely important that each stand is adapted to the nature of a given company and the form of its offer. Our extensive experience gained in the course of the implementation of orders for companies from various industries who need exhibition stands, allows us to meet this condition each time and maintain attractive prices. As a manufacturer designing our exhibition stands ourselves, we have great freedom in this regard and we are able to respond to even the most original expectations of recipients of our services. The unique setting accompanying the presented offer is the best way to ensure that it does not escape anyone’s attention and be remembered by people visiting the exhibition stand. At the same time, it can be a durable and functional structure, so that it creates the best working conditions for people who present the achievements of a company erecting a stand at the fair. Feel free to contact us and place orders!