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How to attract visitors to visit the exhibition stand?

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The fair is an ideal place to present new products, promote the company, get to know existing customers and, of course, acquire new ones. Exhibiting at the fair costs money. It is a big investment for every company. To make it profitable, you need to find the right ways to attract new customers.

Discover proven ideas for an exhibition stand that will attract more visitors.

  1. Bet on attractive photos at your exhibition stand – use the right photos to present your stand in the right light from the very beginning. For this purpose, roll-ups, lightboxes or billboards are perfect. Images should be nicely lit to bring out the full clarity of the photos.
  2. Stand out with your design – the more exclusive and individual your stand is, the more attention you will attract to your audience.
  3. Create mini-events for visitors to the fair – special shows and music or an unusual presentation of products will make you stand out from the majority of presenters at the fair.
  4. Before the fair, focus on appropriate marketing in social media – do not focus only on the marketing of the fair organizers Be active yourself. Thanks to the right strategy, you can reach a large target group before the start of the fair and encourage people to talk before the fair begins.
  5. Develop appropriate lighting. Good, well-thought-out illumination emphasizes the value  of the stand at the fair, makes it easier to view the products and improves the work of consultants. This is an important aspect that affects the reception of the stand, and thus the company’s reception, so the choice of lamps and their arrangement should not be underestimated.
  6. Take care of interesting ways of presenting your products or services, use modern promotional techniques
  7. Bet on the help of an event company – in order to stand out from the crowd, you need the help of professionals.

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