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How to find the right fair for your company? What is worth remembering?

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When planning an exhibition, apart from design decisions and the appearance of the stand, one important factor is often not taken into account – the choice of the appropriate fair. This is the basis of a successful exhibition stand. In order to find the right trade fair for your industry, it is important to set the right goals and make your choice based on your own criteria.

Identify your target audience

The choice of fairs is huge. But not all meet your requirements. Some fairs are aimed at older people, while others at young audiences. Some service B2B companies, other B2C brands. To make sure you don’t choose the wrong fair, explain who your target audience is. Remember to reserve your place for the construction of an exhibition stand.

Set the purpose of your presence at the fair

By displaying your stand at the fair, you pursue various goals. Do you want to launch a new product on the market? Improve the company’s image? Acquire new key recipients? If you are to organize a stand and you do not know what the goal is being pursued, coordinate your work with other departments. With a clearly defined goal, you will find the right event.

How to find the right fair?

Initial information can be found at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Alternatively, you can check the offer in fair catalogs or use the online fair search engine. If you have selected several events, get more information directly from the exhibition organizers. The most important questions to ask are:

  • Where and when will the stands take place?
  • Who is this event for?
  • How many exhibitors are there?
  • How many visitors can you expect at the fair?
  • What costs do you have to reckon with?

If you collected the most important data about all events, now it’s up to you. The following questions will help you choose:

  • Do your products match the theme of the fair?
  • Is the location easily accessible to you and your audience?
  • Are the most important competitors of your company represented as exhibitors at the fair?
  • Is the fair within your advertising budget with the estimated costs of renting the space and the stand?
  • Is the number of trade fair visitors large enough to justify this effort?

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