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Perfect look of your exhibition stand in 7 steps, prepare in advance

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Participation in fairs and large events is a valuable opportunity for new and developing companies to attract the interest of potential investors and attract new customers. Presenting your profile at large events is often a completely new territory, especially for start-ups. Companies often lack the know-how to attract the attention of trade fair visitors. From registration, through booking accommodation, travel planning and checking-in of your employees. When preparing your content, it is worth considering a number of factors, regardless of the size and type of the event.

What should you know when preparing for fairs and large events?

  1. Presence at large events and fairs requires appropriate marketing. Use your time efficiently before the fair starts. Inform well in advance about your presence at the fair: Facebook posts, advertisements in newspapers and trade magazines, emailing your customers, letter or telephone invitations.
  2. Who, what and how? – Ask the right questions about the fair. Participation in the fair is successful when the exhibitor establishes contact with interested parties. Therefore, consider in advance whether the selected event or fair meets your goal.
  3. Before opening a trade show, a few bureaucratic obstacles must be removed: apply for exhibitor passes and a parking permit. Complete the appropriate questionnaire, which includes information about the dimensions and weight of the stand, type of presentation and the required media. If you want, you can book a security support for your stand.
  4. Make sure that your exhibition stand is eye-catching. Try to stand out from your competition, but at the same time be discreet and serious. Each expert advises to develop a fair concept to get your message across. This can be achieved with proper lighting. Colorful LED trade fair stands attract the attention of visitors to your exhibition stand.
  5. Special offers and news – your presentation has a chance to be successful if you offer added value to your customers. Rely on the attractiveness of new products, thanks to new products, special offers, innovations. Even someone from outside the company can activate trade fair visitors and lure them to their stand
  6. Make sure that all materials reach the fair undamaged and on time. Transportation of bulky materials is usually carried out by forwarders, in cooperation with the organizers. You should check in advance whether the company you commissioned has a permit.
  7. Be well remembered by your audience. Visitors take many memories with them after the fair. In order for your performance to be remembered for a long time, it is worth helping them a little by: classic leaflets, brochures or business cards. Small gifts are more effective: a flash drive with your company logo, a notebook, a mug, a pen with a logo printed on it or one of the mini-form products. Costs are limited. Eventually, other visitors will also see if someone is carrying a bag with your company logo on it. And new investors, customers will remember your company thanks to small gifts.

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