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How to choose the right island display?

trade stand

Trade stands, often called island display, are becoming an increasingly popular tool of advertising and promotion of products and services by companies. Their undoubted advantage is the small size. They are usually located in shopping malls, railway stations or airports. The costs of maintaining such an island are incomparably lower compared to the costs of maintaining e.g. a standard commercial premises. In shopping malls there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers of offered services or products per day. Even if there is no sale during the day, the apparent lack of success can certainly be turned into brand building and awareness of our customers.

What types of trade stands can we meet?

Currently, a huge spectrum of trade stands is available on the market. There are as many solutions as our imagination, technical conditions, financial assumptions and other preferences allow. Island display designs can be successfully found on the internet or commissioned to a professional exhibition company that will certainly carry out such an individual design of a island display as well as take care of comprehensive execution and assembly.

From the rich offer you can choose islands with different functionality, solid, open, i.e. those that can be easily accessed from each side, as well as closed with access only from the outside. The stand can be modular, i.e. made of segments that are connected in one set, often with showcases, shelves or countertops. Anyway, most often they look like an island.

A properly arranged position should be aesthetic and colorful depending on the surroundings. Choose intense colors, so that the island display will be visible from afar, which will undoubtedly encourage you to visit the stand. The whole lighting is properly selected to emphasize the colors. It can be equipped with walls or have a place for banners located at the appropriate height depending on the received conditions of the shopping center. They are often bright, sometimes white, because all products look at this color best, the easiest way is to choose letters in any color of their choice.

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