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What should a stand at a food fair look like?

exhibition stand

Because food is a perishable product and the subject of promotion by companies, it requires more care from exhibitors than other products. Due to the fact that the product, due to its condition, is unique, it is worth making the exhibition stand unique, so that it complements the promotion strategy at food fairs. There are several aspects to consider when participating in culinary fairs.

What should be kept in mind when designing a stand for a food fair?

  1. Optimal spatial conditions: the exhibition stand must have a suitable area of ​​sufficient size to store, prepare and display food, which in turn will allow visitors to enjoy a unique experience.
  2. The company should provide guests with maximum comfort and well-being.
  3. The stand must reflect the value of the company’s brand and make its image easy to recognize.
  4. Chefs and vendors at the stand must adhere to strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness when handling and displaying food.
  5. The exhibition stand must be equipped with a refrigerator, microwave or mini kitchen for storing and preparing fresh food.
  6. Control the temperature and humidity of the food.
  7. The presentation and taste of the food is second to none.

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