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What should you know about Corporate identity? Use marketing novelties at the exhibition stand

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Companies use every possible means to sell their products and services. At least this is what it looks like in Poland. By contrast, more and more Western corporations are successfully employing more subtle marketing techniques than intrusive campaigns against stores.

More and more often, one can observe a trend according to which people are moving away from promoting their own offer in favor of telling about values ​​and building a network of associations among recipients. It is the so-called “Corporate Identity”, which loosely translated means “brand personality”. This technique is still gaining new and numerous followers.

The current realities require new promotion tools from companies

From the numerous publications on Corporate Identity and research related to consumer preferences, it can be concluded that advertising does almost everything for the company, excluding sales. Watching an advertising spot, a movie on the Internet or seeing a huge billboard in the street does not arouse the same desire to buy among potential recipients as marketers thought until recently. Actions that are more effective for the brand image require more direct and personalized means of communication. Such as online social media or  an exhibition fair with numerous exhibition stands attracting a large group of viewers. Correcting the style of running a campaign requires some expenditure, but it will be even more difficult to change the way of thinking – especially since the management always expects measurable, i.e. expressed in numbers, effects. 

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