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Integrated communication. From mailing to a professional fair stand

professional fair stand

Building a strong image and a strong brand among its customers is a very big challenge for today's enterprises. It is often a job in which it takes companies a few years to achieve their goals. Therefore, all activities related to marketing communication should go in the same direction. Whether we're talking about radio advertising here in the newspaper,
in social media, or about promoting the product at conferences or exhibition stands. Each subsequent step in one area should be coordinated with the others.

The same message from several different sources creates a much stronger impression on the client.

Integral advertising and image communication is a requirement for the development of the company, which its owners cannot ignore. Today's reality looks like that all promotional activities are met with very quick response from recipients. If they even encounter small discrepancies in the message, the associations associated with a given brand will unfortunately be blurred. They do not settle down properly in the minds of the person concerned.
Why is the exhibition stand so important in this aspect? Namely, during the conference or other type of events there are many people from all over Poland. They are mostly people belonging to the target group, i.e. among potential clients who will be keenly interested in the promoted offer during the enterprise fair. The customer must be sure that his money will be spent as properly as possible.

Professional trade fair stands created for specific events must comply with the values ​​associated with a given brand

Undoubtedly, every well-advertised product or entrepreneur - has a set of values. Marketing experts place a strong emphasis on one of them. It is the one that over time becomes a recognizable mark, the brand's trademark. Experts from Event Logistica claim that the value "appropriated" by the brand is not given forever. At every opportunity, it should be properly displayed, remind your customers that it is this particular company that will provide the right quality, great service, unforgettable impressions and trouble-free equipment for years. As a consequence, fair stands are becoming a very important medium of marketing communication, confirming the right position on the market. The sooner a particular brand comes to the mind of customers, the greater the chance that they will decide to reach for the offer of a company that mentions their values.

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