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When designing an exhibition stand, show what distinguishes your brand from the competition

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Effective and effective advertising brings a number of benefits for companies, from growing revenues to increased recognition in the market as well as building a positive image in the eyes of your customers. However, how to determine if a specific idea can bring tangible benefits to companies? Marketing experts who have an extensive set of data on the behavior of specific people from the target group are able to create an appropriate campaign. Their guidelines should be taken into account by companies when preparing exhibition stands for various events and occasions.

How to effectively draw customers’ attention to your company’s stands?

The marketing strategy cannot be created completely detached from the customer profile. The satisfaction of each of the potential customers is not an option here due to individual differences in tastes. According to statistical surveys, most companies owe 80% of their revenues to only one fifth of consumers. The most loyal customers have specific preferences that are undoubtedly worth knowing and using in all kinds of marketing activities. Therefore, the exhibition stands which are visited and viewed by a large group of people, should be designed with these 20 percent of recipients in mind. Of course, in the case of events of a specialized nature, the share of guests with the profile of the ideal recipient will be correspondingly greater. Knowing their expectations makes it easier to make good marketing decisions.

It is recommended to pay special attention to small details that may decide about the overall reception of the advertising message. Any inconsistencies between the elements of visual identification and other promotional materials should be avoided: product presentation, spots displayed on smaller or larger screens, the announcer’s speech, and even the outfit and behavior of the company’s fair stand. There is too much to gain. That is why it is worth using the help of experienced specialists at an early stage of preparation for a trip to the fair.

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