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Discover 5 effective ways to generate leads at trade fairs

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Lead generation is a very important aspect of any business. It’s a different approach to attracting potential customers. In order to gain new customers at the fair, guests should be persuaded to leave their contact details at the fair stand, so that contact is not broken off right after the fair event. If a customer visiting a trade fair stand leaves contact information, there is a high probability that he will become our partner for a longer time. There are several effective ways to generate leads at trade shows. Get to know some of them:

1. Organize seminars and workshops

Many people visit domestic and foreign fairs mainly because of the conferences, seminars and workshops held there. If you have the opportunity to organize such events yourself, it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity. By inviting people from your industry to the fair, you strengthen the credibility of your company. In order for such an event to be possible, the design of the exhibition stand must be properly thought out in advance. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the design and construction of a fair stand to experienced specialists in creation who know how to adjust the design to the needs of exhibitors.

2. Train people responsible for operating the exhibition stand

A well-trained trade fair team is a very important condition for effective lead generation. It is important for the trade fair team to know which visitors can really become customers and who just want to look around and get free advertising materials. All visitors to the fair should be treated friendly, but the greatest attention should be given to people who are genuinely interested in products and services.

3. Discreetly ask people visiting your stand to leave contact details

Take advantage of the opportunity and in a humorous way encourage visitors to the stand to leave contact information. For this purpose, use interactive screens where visitors fill out a survey and then enter their data. Of course, the data protection guidelines must be followed, and the visitor to the exhibition stand must indicate that he agrees to receive the company’s newsletter.

4. Social media, use social media

Try to reach new potential people with your offer during the exhibition fair using modern tools and media. Organize competitions and challenges to attract the attention of participants and invite them to your website

5. Organize competitions at your stand during the fair.

Competitions usually enjoy great interest among recipients. However, for an entrepreneur, a competition becomes interesting only when it is combined with a lead generation strategy. It is worth asking your customers questions about products and asking them to leave their contact details. If you care about organizing interactive competitions, the design of the exhibition stand must allow for it. Event Logistica will provide you with creative ideas in this area.

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