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How to exhibit at the fair to stand out from other exhibition stands?

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Trade fair events are events that often take several months to come with great anticipation. Nowhere else do we have such a great chance to attract the attention of such a large group of customers and the media. Therefore, the presence at them must be properly used, especially when we want to show off new products. So how to do it?

How to effectively stand out at the fair? It is neither easy nor sufficient, but necessary

A lot depends on the space we have at our disposal and its location. Therefore, the decision to participate in the event, especially if it is a very popular event, should not be postponed until the very end. If we believe that it is worth being there, we should reserve our position as soon as possible. In the case of regular, cyclical events, many companies try to constantly exhibit at the same points so that important guests and journalists do not have to search for them for a long time.

The location may decide on how many sides are exposed, and thus how visible our exhibition stand will be. Now the question remains – what will actually be seen by visitors to the stand? Having started the race for their attention, let’s remember that not only do we have to get it, but also leave an appropriate mark in their memory. So that their next contact with our products
and marketing materials is accompanied by a smaller reserve. Consistency with the way we promote ourselves elsewhere is therefore crucial when designing graphic elements. And if at the same time we manage to significantly distinguish ourselves from the neighboring exhibitions – all the better. Establishing the rules of visual identification is one of the key tasks at the beginning of operations – if we have not already done so, preparing for the fair is a good opportunity for that.

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