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The fair in Oslo is an opportunity to develop the company and win new contracts

Exhibition stands

Regardless of the type and size of your business, it is worth going to large, foreign fairs. Scandinavia is a very attractive region of Europe in this respect. Fairs in Norway are very popular. The state tempts not only tourists, but also foreign exhibitors who can come to the fair in Norway 2023 to present their products to visitors. When planning a trip to the fair in Norway, it is worth considering the fair in Oslo 2023.

Fair in Oslo, why is it worth exhibiting there?

Setting up a trade show stand in Oslo is a great way to enter the Scandinavian market. Oslo has a very large consumer market, which means exhibitors can reach a large number of customers. Oslo also has an excellent infrastructure, allowing for trouble-free preparation and display of the stand. In addition, Oslo has many well-known international exhibitors that can attract the interest of customers. The capital of Norway is also a popular place for trade meetings, so exhibitors can take advantage of the networking potential that the city offers. Finally, Oslo is an exceptionally beautiful city and is a great place to host a fair. When planning your trip to the fair in Oslo 2023, 2024, you cannot forget about a very important issue, namely the stand for the fair.

How to prepare a stand for the fair in Oslo?

The exhibition stand will differ depending on the industry in which the company operates, the products and services offered, as well as the place at the fair. The construction of the stand itself is very important. The more open the stand is, the easier it is for visitors to access it. The stand should be well marked and stand out from other stands. The use of high-quality materials can significantly increase the chances of final success. It is best to entrust the design and construction of a trade fair stand to experienced specialists who know how to adjust the design to the needs of exhibitors.

What events are worth considering when planning stands in Oslo in 2023, 2024?

The fair in Oslo is not one event, but a series of meetings concerning various fields. The key sectors covered by the fair in Oslo are: energy, oil and gas, maritime economy, construction and energy. As you can see, many companies will find a place for themselves there.

The city of Oslo as the economic center of Norway is a very important place for companies that want to appear and succeed on the international market. At the Norwegian Exhibition and Congress Center, many leaders of international companies come to the fairs in Oslo that take place here. Soon there will be, among others:

  • International construction fair Bygg Reis DEG 2023,
  • Oslo Food Fair – one of the largest events in Norway addressed to food producers and distributors. It covers a wide range of foods, from natural foods to processed foods.
  • Oslo Boat Show, a trade fair event organized annually, addressed to sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners
  • Construction and Energy Fair Oslo Eliaden 2024. 

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