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Construction of exhibition stands, what should be remembered?

exhibition stands

The construction of the stand is one of the most important activities in preparation for participation in the fair. The stand should be adapted to the nature of the company and the products that are presented during the fair.

Who is the trade fair stand for?

The fair stand is intended for all companies and organizations that want to promote their products and services during fair events. These can be companies selling products, NGOs or foundations that want to raise awareness about their activities, or that want to raise additional funds for their activities. Exhibition stands are also used by universities and colleges to promote their educational offer. They can also be used by governments and local and state entities to promote their programs and services and to raise funds.

What are the most important stages in the construction of a trade fair stand?

1. The first step is to choose the right location. Choosing a place at the fair is crucial because it will determine whether the stand will be visible to potential customers.

2. Next, choose the design and appearance of the stand. The design of the exhibition stand should be attractive to attract the attention of potential customers.

3. Selection of appropriate materials and fair lighting. Choose materials that are durable and resistant to damage. The materials that are typically used for the production of exhibition stands are lightweight and easy to handle to facilitate assembly, but at the same time resistant to environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors, and can support advertising holders and lighting inside the stand.

4. In the case of individual stands, it is worth contacting a professional company dealing with the design and assembly of exhibition stands with your project. Professional designers will make sure that the exhibition stand has an aesthetic, eye-catching appearance, and that it becomes a comfortable workplace for operating the stand.

5. The advertising of the stand itself is also crucial. It can include everything from banners, roll-ups to walls and exhibition stands. You can choose simple and classic solutions or choose something more sophisticated to stand out from the crowd.

6. Organizing trainings for employees handling trade fair stands. It is necessary to effectively serve customers and meet the requirements for the stand.

What should be remembered when ordering the preparation of the construction of a trade fair stand?

  • It is worth defining your requirements at the very beginning. Consider what type of stand will be appropriate, determine the budget for the construction of exhibition stands, indicate what materials should be used.
  • Make sure you choose a company with a good reputation and experience in designing and constructing exhibition stands.
  • It is worth asking the company to prepare a detailed design of the exhibition stand, taking into account all requirements.
  • Analyze the design of the fair construction in terms of ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics and quality of workmanship. Make sure everything is done as required.
  • Choose an exhibition company that will provide comprehensive services related to the design, production and professional assembly of stands.
    It is also worth checking whether the company offers support services during the fair.

If you would like your trade fair promotional stand to be set up at Event Logistica, please contact us. As a manufacturer who visits Polish and world fairs, we know perfectly well what an attractive advertising stand should look like, bringing profit to the company. Because each order is tailored to the customer’s needs. As contractors of exhibition stands, we also provide technical support during the event.

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