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Virtual Tour 360 degree of the showroom

Virtual Tour 360 degree

The decision to buy a product is greatly influenced by how it looks and how it is presented. This is a particularly important issue in the case of online stores, because only through photos and videos, customers can see the items they are interested in. A virtual showroom is a modern way of presenting the offer. The possibility to freely “look around” among the displayed products makes the purchasing process more pleasant and real.

Broad possibilities

The easiest way to decide on a product is when you can view it directly, touch it or even try it out. The online showroom does not provide such opportunities, but replaces them with others, also helpful. The best, most accurate way of presentation is a 360-degree virtual walk , thanks to which you can see the product from all sides, and also get closer to it or see it from a distance, e.g. furniture, car, real estate. Detailed shots presenting the product are not everything – the virtual showroom may contain product descriptions, a presentation or guide in the form of a video, and other multimedia information materials.

Advantages of 360-degree virtual walks

On the one hand, visiting stores in person allows you to get acquainted with the assortment better, and on the other hand, the lack of this option of advantages that an online showroom has . First of all, the customer can only view the items that interest him and do it for as long as he wants without being disturbed by the sellers. A virtual 360-degree walk can be taken at any hour, every day, being anywhere – the customer does not have to travel to the place or adjust to the opening hours of the store.

Area of activities

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Hannover, Stuttgart, Cologne, London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Dubai, Monaco, Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden, Italy