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What should you remember when setting up your fair stand in Szczecin?

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For every company, taking part in the fair is associated with effort, settling many matters, remembering many important details. The case is no different in the case of a trip to the fair in Szczecin. This city is a very important scientific, technological and educational center. Szczecin is famous for, among others, the Bud-Gryf & Home 2023 construction and interior design fair, job fairs, or exhibitions and a mineral and jewelery exchange. Although the fair in Poland is a profitable event, it causes a lot of work for every company. What is worth knowing when planning a stand and an offer for the fair in Szczecin 2023, 2024?

What does the success of the stand at the fair depend on?

To ensure the success of your stand at the fair in Szczecin, you need to remember about several important factors:

  1. Take care of the best product or service presentation. For this purpose, it is worth using professional exhibition stands that will present the company’s products and offer.
  2. Prepare promotional materials: leaflets, folders, catalogs that interested customers will be able to take with them.
  3. Prepare a team that will operate the stand and present the offer. Employees must be trained to professionally present the offer and answer the questions of customers visiting the fair stand. Promotional materials should be prepared: leaflets, folders, catalogs that interested customers will be able to take with them.
  4. Take care of the security of the stand and promotional materials to prevent theft or damage to the equipment.

How to arouse interest in a trade fair stand in Szczecin?

Representatives of Event Logistica, which boasts a rich portfolio of exhibition stands, suggest paying special attention to small details that determine the overall perception of the advertising message. Any inconsistencies between the elements of visual identification and other promotional materials, i.e. the presentation of the product, spots displayed on large screens, as well as the behavior of the operators of the exhibition stand, should be avoided at all costs. Discrepancies cause visitors to the fair stands confusion, weakening the message of marketing activities. There is too much to gain, so it is worth avoiding image mishaps. That is why it is worth taking advantage of the help of experienced creative specialists who know how to adjust the project to the needs of exhibitors at an early stage of the project.

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