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What You Should Know About Canton Fair

exhibition stands in Canton

Cantonese fairs fair is the largest and most famous event of this type in China. It attracts many exhibitors from various industries and people looking for suppliers of products or services. Kanton 2022 and 2023 fairs are a great opportunity to present your company and acquire new customers or business partners . Due to the great popularity and reputation of the fair, numerous investors are willing to cooperate with the entrepreneurs present there. How to prepare for the fair in China, Canton, to achieve business benefits?

Departure to the fair. Canton - preparations

Canton Fair is held twice a year - in spring and autumn. Each event is thematically divided into three parts: electronics, consumer goods and textiles. The fair dates are known much earlier, so there is time to plan your trip and get ready to participate in the event.

An important issue is the fair stand. It is a kind of a showcase which, when well designed, makes people interested and encourages people passing by to make contact with the exhibitor. It is worth entrusting the construction of exhibition stands in Canton to experts who can design creative, aesthetic and practical exhibition stands .

When planning your participation in the fair, it is worth remembering that the Guangzhou China 2022 and 2023 fair or the ones in 2024 are a large event taking place on a huge exhibition space, with a crowd of people visiting it. For this reason, the exhibition stand should be distinctive and stand out among many others.

In addition to preparing an attractive offer and taking care of the stand, you need to take into account more down-to-earth challenges such as transport to China and Guangzhou, training the team that will go to the fair, translating materials into English and / or Chinese, and learning about and taking into account cultural differences to do good impression on Asian contractors.

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