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Learn 7 valuable design tips for a modern exhibition stand

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Designing a modern exhibition stand is a complex process that requires many activities. You have to take into account the limited space at the fair, so consider several factors before making the final choice. Your exhibition stand is the most important element when participating in the fair, therefore everything must be done precisely.

How to design the perfect exhibition stand that will attract attention at the fair?

  1. Create your own concept – use a theme that combines all elements of your stand. Your concept should blend well with your company’s current marketing products.
  2. Consider the size of the stand – find out and how much space you need for your individual exhibition stand. Consider every square centimeter of your stand area and compare with the dimensions of your stand.
  3. Prepare a 3D design of your exhibition stand. Design the stand so that it contains all the most important elements: product displays, brochures, lights, signs and furniture. Remember that you need space for your employees and customers, as well as for products or displays.
  4. Turn on the light – lighting is an essential element of the design of any modern exhibition stand. It is important to design individual lighting for a mobile stand that goes beyond the lighting offered by the market hall or conference center. Use spotlights, downlights, uplights and colored lights to highlight your promoted products and displays in your mobile exhibition stand.
  5. Use the right color to catch the eye. Design the colors and construction of the stand in accordance with the colors of your company’s logo. Use colored lamps to create a unique atmosphere in your modern exhibition stand.
  6. Keep your branding simple – it’s better to come up with three catchy words or a catchphrase that people will remember than lists of product information that few visitors will pay attention to.
  7. Take care of a unique atmosphere – create a unique atmosphere in your space with the help of lights, appropriate shapes and colors, and even scents. Stimulate the senses of your potential customers and you will find that your exhibition stand attracts more attention.

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