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The importance of lighting at exhibition stands

fair stand lighting

A trade fair stand is one of the ways to present a company at an exhibition fair. Several factors influence the visibility of the stand and whether it attracts potential customers. In addition to the eye-catching display, a practical and comfortable stand, lighting for trade fair stands is also important . Good, well-thought-out illumination exposes the virtues of the stand for the fair , makes it easier to see products and streamlines the work of consultants. This is an important aspect that affects the reception of the stand, and thus the company, so the choice of lamps and their settings should not be underestimated.

How to illuminate trade fair stands?

Exhibition stands should be aesthetic and eye-catching at the same time, e.g. with the colors characteristic for a given company. The lighting should be treated as part of the entire project and planned in such a way as to emphasize the appearance of the stand and its colors. It is worth positioning the light sources in such a way that they bring out, for example, the name or logo of the company from the shadows and illuminate the worktop on which products or information brochures are placed. A more visible product is perceived as more visually attractive. Moreover, proper lighting of the exhibition stands optically enlarges them and makes them seem more cozy. There should be the right amount - neither too little nor too much, so you should choose the right power of the lamps and their number. Stands for trade fairs can be illuminated, e.g. with LED or halogen lamps. Experienced designers will help in choosing the right equipment and share practical tips on how to set the lighting to harmonize with the entire stand design.

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