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At which fairs in Poland is it worth putting up a stand?

fairs in Poland

Displaying a trade fair stand at relevant events and fairs in Poland can be an excellent promotional strategy for companies and building the image of their brand. Trade fairs in Poland offer companies an excellent platform to present their services, establish valuable business contacts, acquire key customers and observe new trends within a given industry. Today, trade fair stands are mainly associated with large cities. The fairs in Warsaw, Kielce, Poznań, Wrocław and Kraków are not only the largest in the region but also in the whole country.

What are the most important fairs in Poland in particular industries?

Many important trade fairs in various sectors are held in Poland. Exhibitors from different parts of the world present their offer at trade fairs. The most popular industries include, among others: production, food, IT, pharmacy, construction, automotive and energy. It is possible to distinguish fairs in each of the industries that bring together the largest number of exhibitors. The largest fair complex is the Poznań Fair, where most of the fair events take place. Targi Kielce, which is famous mainly for construction, transport and military fairs, can also boast of a huge area. Against the background of competition, Warsaw is also excellent. The capital has several exhibition spaces, including: Expo XXI Warsaw and Ptak Warsaw. Below are some of the most popular industries in Poland.

The largest IT fair in Poland

The IT sector is still gaining in popularity. The largest IT fair in Poland is undoubtedly the IT Future Expo organized jointly by Warsaw and Wrocław. The fair is accompanied by several smaller events to encourage enthusiasts of new technologies to visit the fair stands, including the IT Career Summit and the IT Future Congress. It is also worth mentioning the New Technologies and Innovation Fair in Kraków, as well as the International Infoshare Fair in Gdańsk.

Automotive fairs in Poland, where is it worth exhibiting?

The most famous are the Motor Show. Every year, they attract a large group of automotive enthusiasts to Poznań. Despite this, it is not the largest automotive fair of this type in Poland. In this respect, they are inferior in size to the Automotive Technology Fair TTM in Poznań.

Which food fairs in Poland are worth visiting?

In the case of food, it’s hard to find the biggest ones taking place in Poland. The ENOEXPO International Wine Fair in Krakow, which brings together wine connoisseurs, and Tastes of the Regions, concerning traditional Polish cuisine, certainly deserve our attention. The food fair is certainly associated with the POLAGRA fair, addressed to various branches of the agricultural industry.

Stands for construction fairs

When it comes to construction, the Budma fair in Poznań comes to the fore. It is the largest fair not only in the country but also in Central and Eastern Europe. They are held as part of the Poznań International Fair. During the fair, we can meet here over 700 fair stands related to the construction industry. The Budma fair attracts both architects, investors and representatives of companies related to the construction industry, which is an excellent opportunity to present products and establish business contacts.


Trade fairs are an integral part of the development of every company and are constantly gaining in popularity. In order to keep up with the competition, it is important to remember that trade fair stands should be functional, attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to visit the stand. Therefore, it is worth commissioning the assembly of stands to creative people with a sense of aesthetics, but also able to design a practical exhibition stand, entitling the team to work at the fai

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