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The quality of marketing and promotional materials translates into the company’s reputation

exhibition systems

A good, innovative product or professional skills enabling the provision of first-class services are the basis of business success. When we have the necessary foundations, we need to take care of the other elements - including effective marketing, in Poland very often identified only with sales results. Meanwhile, in other countries more emphasis is placed on creating the image and building brand awareness among recipients.

Trade fairs are probably the most important test for the concept of advertising

In our work at Event Logistica, we draw on this experience, offering our clients proven solutions and professional advice. We specialize in all types of exhibition systems, accessories and promotional media. For many years, we have been helping companies from various industries in marketing activities, especially during large conferences and similar events. We service both business events in Poland and prepare exhibition stands for the needs of presentations in major European cities. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and acquiring new skills thanks to which we are constantly raising the level of our services. During the meetings of professionals, when the fate of key contracts weighs in, everything must be refined to the last, most inconspicuous detail. Exactly the same rules apply to companies when they show their strongest advantages to numerous consumers.

Event Logistica exhibition walls can perform various functions

We have never complained about the lack of creativity, which is why we can offer our clients a lot of interesting solutions. Interesting both in terms of visual or sound effects, as well as surprising due to practical applications. Exhibition walls with soundproofing construction will be a very good example. Thanks to them, the noisy buzz, typical of most events gathering many exhibitors and visitors, ceases to be any problem. We already have in our portfolio such projects in which we have built a cozy, perfectly soundproofed conference room in the middle of a large, crowded market hall. The display walls deserve special mention as they are an excellent promotional tool. Each time at Event Logistica, we offer unique, one-of-a-kind solutions, created according to individually developed projects. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our portfolio and contact us regarding cooperation!

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