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Limited space is not a problem. A small stand at the fair can be as effective as the entire pavilion

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Organizers of conferences and events open to the general public usually try to attract as many exhibitors as possible and sell as many tickets as possible. For companies promoting such events, this often means that when preparing their stand at the fair they have little space to manage marketing materials and the necessary facilities. Such difficult conditions are an intriguing challenge for specialists from Event Logistica - the perfect opportunity to get the best out of yourself.

The promotion budget has strict limits? In that case, invest in world-class quality

At conferences, exhibitors are often divided into several different categories. The largest - that is, paying the highest amounts - can count on a number of privileges. Including the best positions: located in the most exposed points of the hall, additionally clearly larger than the others. However, smaller companies that cannot afford such horrendous expenses are not at a disadvantage. However, when preparing their fair stands, they should be distinguished by far-reaching creativity ... or use the professional services of exhibition marketing experts. Event Logistica employees certainly have the right skills to handle this kind of task. Promotional stands prepared by us appeared almost all over Europe, in the most prestigious facilities as well as during widely commented and discussed events.

How is the intimate stand at the fair to attract attention? We have good patents for this at Event Logistica

The basic goal that guides every small and large exhibitor is to be noticed. Both by the industry media as well as numerous guests visiting the fair. You need to find an effective way to clearly stand out from the crowd. Thanks to this, you can not only reach potential customers with the company's offer, but also gain a lot in terms of image. Event Logistica has already implemented many such projects, which despite the lack of Hollywood momentum effectively attracted the attention of visitors. You can see them in the gallery section. Multimedia presentations usually make a very good impression on the audience - preferably interactive, naturally encouraging greater involvement. An idea worth considering is also to provide guests with time-enhancing attractions, in a way thematically related to the company's activities. For example, a relaxation corner, virtual reality glasses or a table football tournament.

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