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How to prepare for foreign fairs? Operation stages

foreign exhibition stands

The exhibition fair is a great opportunity to gain new customers and establish business contacts . Preparing for a trade show takes effort, but it is an effort that pays off. It's best to think of it as an investment in a business. Foreign trade fairs are particularly important for some industries, such as the trade fair in Frankfurt or the trade fair in Nuremberg. What needs to be done to do well abroad?

1. Make your choice

The fair in Dusseldorf, or maybe the fair in Munich? Many industry events take place abroad, but it is not worth attending each of them. Also, do not be guided by the nearest date of foreign fairs. The criteria to be taken into account when selecting the fair to present your company are: matching the theme of the fair to the company's profile, the number of people who participate in a given event, the number of exhibitors and media patrons, the area of ​​the fair.

2. Plan wisely

First, check and calculate costs. Are you sure the costs incurred at the fair in Berlin are not too high for the company's earnings? Include in your calculations the cost of renting a stand or setting up a stand, promotion cost, electricity fee and how much you will pay for transportation.

Secondly, plan everything that needs to be prepared before the fair and what will take place during it. The fair in London or the fair in Paris is a large event that requires determining who from the company will take part in them and whether it is necessary to conduct training for these people. In addition, the space at the site should be planned and a promotion plan developed.

3. Take care of your exhibition stand

The stand is a very important point for the fair. Each industry event, including the trade fair in Hannover or the trade fair in Barcelona, is an occasion to be remembered by customers and business partners. A well-prepared exhibition stand is one that is functional, aesthetic and at the same time arouses interest. In this case, it is worth using the help of professional designers who know how to make the stand stand out, allow for the display of goods and be convenient for exhibitors and guests.

Area of activities

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Hannover, Stuttgart, Cologne, London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Dubai, Monaco, Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden, Italy