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How much does an exhibition stand cost?

exhibition stand

What will be the total costs of building the stand? How much should we spend on materials? What are the indirect costs related to the construction of stands are the most frequently asked questions by our customers regarding the construction of fairs. Determining the total cost of an exhibition stand can be very difficult at the initial stage of stand planning. The expenses related to the construction of a trade fair stand depend to a large extent on what we want to include in our project. 

Event Logistica can support and help you prioritize your trade show booth development based on your goals to make the best out of your booth investment. It’s not worth wasting your time and energy contacting stand builders and talking to designers if you don’t have a fixed price yet. With a clear idea and a fixed budget, you can achieve your goals without additional indirect costs.

Is a high budget required for an exhibition stand?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It all depends on your goals. The prospect of greater opportunities due to the greater attractiveness of the stand construction speaks for investing in a more expensive exhibition stand. When you invest in very good quality graphics, a raised floor, good trade fair lighting, signage and banners, as well as visual effects and music, your stand will attract more attention of attendees, increase your chances of successful sales and gain new valuable customers. Carefully choose the components that are important to you. If you’re focusing on exceptional booth lighting, you should spend less on flooring.

What affects the cost of trade fair construction?

When estimating the cost of a trade fair stand, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Exhibition space – first, you need to reserve a place at the stand, the costs of which are charged per square meters of exhibition space. Having reserved the exhibition space, you can proceed to the next step in designing the stand.
  • The design of a trade fair stand is often very complex. The company will work with you to create a project that meets your business needs while staying within your budget. A well-designed stand can increase the traffic of visitors to the fair stand and lead to contact with potential customers.
  • Work. The cost of an exhibition stand is determined not only by the amount of financial outlay, but also by the quality of the services you receive throughout the process. This includes all stages: from planning, through production, transport to assembly and disassembly of the stand. The price of the fair construction also includes the know-how and services of the company building the stand, whose task is to support the efficient functioning of the fair and the achievement of the intended goals.

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