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Exhibition stand construction, individual project or fair construction, what to choose?

Exhibition stands

Exhibition fairs are an important marketing tool for companies, but they come with some costs. Good planning is essential for the success of a company. The design of the exhibition stand itself is of great importance. A well-thought-out presentation will allow the company to stand out from the crowd and enjoy a goal-oriented trade fair appearance. A trade fair stand can be designed individually or you can use one of many trade fair construction systems.

What characterizes the fair construction system?

Trade fair construction consists of individual elements that can be put together like a construction set. Such a system consists of, among others: display walls, display counters, display stands, and an exhibition floor. The design possibilities of the exhibition stand are very diverse and offer space for a fair presentation tailored to personal needs. Thanks to the modular design, you can individually adapt the construction of the exhibition stand to the conditions prevailing at the fair. You can also design a project according to your own wishes. Printable films and replaceable surfaces make this possible. This means that mobile systems can be used at trade fairs many times. In addition, you can supplement your equipment with additional chairs, banners, to adjust the appearance of the exhibition stands to the appropriate recipients. The exhibition stand systems can be expanded at any time, so they can be used at several fairs with stand construction areas of different sizes.

Individual fair stands, what are they characterized by? 

A custom-made exhibition stand is an option optimally matched to a specific event. The basis here is the available stand area along with its conditions and requirements. In addition, individually designed fair stand construction is tailored to the needs of the relevant target group. Nothing is accidental here. Each stage, starting from the laying of the floor, the assembly of the walls, to the harmonious lighting installation. An individual exhibition stand places high demands on the stand builder. Colors, light and shapes complement each other, creating a harmonious concept that fits perfectly into the framework of a ready-made exhibition stand. The design of a trade fair stand is associated with appropriate costs, due to the fact that it is very complex. In addition, the exhibition stand is precisely tailored to specific events and trade fairs. Therefore, it can be used only at one fair event.

Fair stand construction, what really matters?

Regardless of whether you decide on a fair construction system or individual exhibition stands, it is important that your stand arouses the interest of visitors. Creative ideas are especially in demand. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by both variants of designing your exhibition stand and the unique appearance that will make your exhibition stand stand out from other exhibition stands.

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