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A modern conference room for online meetings and training

Meeting room online

As the number of people who can attend assemblies was significantly reduced, there was a need to create digital tools to keep online meetings and training possible. The answer to the need to organize virtual events is an online conference room. This application makes online meetings as effective as in-person meetings, and even provides opportunities not available for face-to-face meetings.

What does an online conference room provide?

Using the online room, you can take advantage of convenient options that improve the comfort of the meeting, e.g. a videoconference can be recorded so that its participants can watch it again or make it available to people who could not appear at the appointed time. Conversations between participants or participants and the leader are also possible. This is done through chat for everyone and discussions accessible to a smaller group. Online conference is easier to understand when the speaker can present the presentation – this is possible thanks to the screen sharing option.

Who can use virtual conference rooms?

The tool for virtual meetings is universal , it can be used by both corporations, e.g. for employee meetings or business meetings, as well as trainers to conduct courses. The number of participants can also be selected according to the needs, the online conference room is suitable as a space for conducting, for example, job interviews, meetings in a group of several or a dozen colleagues, as well as for a group of several dozen participating in a large event. With the professional application, every video call will run smoothly, without technical problems.

Virtual conference room

Virtual conference room for online meetings and training

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